Third SelaQui Invitational Golf Tournament

The third edition of the SelaQui Invitational Golf tournament was held on 22nd of April, 2018 at the SelaQui Golf Academy. Twenty nine of the best young golfers from all over the Doon valley arrived at the picturesque SelaQui golf course. The event was inaugurated by the School Sports Captain, Gursher Sandhu at about 8 am. He commented upon the sport’s sophisticated and elegant nature and wittingly borrowed the term from cricket and called it a ‘true gentleman’s game’.

Having declared the tournament open, the officials then took over and explained the rules of the game. They also announced that the game would be played in the Stable Ford format following which the various three balls teed off, kicking start to nine holes of competitive golf. After about two and a half hours of driving, chipping, putting and occasionally calling upon the officials in a tricky situation, the golfers turned in their scorecards and relished the snacks awaiting them at the golf hut.

Manan Mahajan of APS, Dehradun gave a tough competition to Anning Morang but in the end, the latter emerged winner. The morning concluded with the awards being handed out by our Chief Guest, Mr. R. P. Devgan. Amartya Jha of SIS received the award for maximum number of pars, Anning Morang received the award for the maximum number of eagles and was also declared the champion of the tournament. Close at his heels was young Harsh Pegwal as the runners up. It was a perfect conclusion to a memorable Sunday morning of golfing.


— Aahan Roy

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