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Various Reasons to Decide If Boarding School Is the Right Choice for You

Various Reasons to Decide If Boarding School Is the Right Choice for You

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED June 19, 2021, UPDATED June 19, 2021

Parents and kids are often found in the dilemma of whether the boarding school is the right choice for their education and personality development or not. Every parent wishes the best for their child, and the choice between day school and a boarding school is the toughest one. Each of the two variants has its own pros and cons, but often we find a debate amongst the parents for the same.

India is a hub for great boarding education for kids, and many of these schools are well equipped with various facilities, infrastructure and location for providing the best education for students. But when you start searching, it’s really become very hard to find an unbiased one. Let’s help you all with valid reasons and tips to choose the right one for your child.

Good Reasons to Go to The Boarding School

  • Experienced Teachers: Boarding schools have a great reputation in terms of experienced and learned teachers, and they hire passionate and engaged teachers who are well-trained to handle kids that are away from their home and parents. They are a learned team of faculty with the ideology and care to build up a child’s holistic personality.
  • Socially Active Arena: With many students and teachers coming from various parts of India and the world, a boarding school is a great opportunity for the kids to form a varied social circle for themselves. They are able to learn about different cultures of numerous regions intensely. It also creates an environment for healthy competition and inspirational opportunities.
  • Disciplined Atmosphere: A boarding school is synonymous with discipline and balanced implementation of education and fun. They, with the help of their faculty and staff, provide the kids with a regularised atmosphere for their overall development and growth. They also enable the inculcation of various skills and habits that help them grow into independent, confident, self-resilient and knowledgeable human being.
  • The Initiative: With no help from the parents and guardians, students are encouraged and motivated to do their work and studies in their home. They are asked to take the initiative of their own work and learn the various nuances down the process.

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Productive Reasons to Go to The Boarding Schools

  • Diversity: With so many students of various cultures and tradition are studying under one premise; the school celebrates the essence of unity in diversity with great rigour and valour. They teach each of their students about respecting the various cultures and their festivals with unmatched gusto. This develops a sense of acceptance in students for various regions, culture, caste and creed in equal light.
  • Behavioural Correction: Boarding schools are also famous for constructive behavioural changes in students. The disciplined and well-guarded atmosphere in the boarding school at all times provides the students with the required personality development.
  • Impeccable Sports Facilities: Located in a widespread area, most boarding schools are built with amazing sports facilities. They offer various sport options for students for their physical fitness and exposure. Some boarding schools also offer great sport guidance and education to help the students build a career in them.
  • Holistic Education: A holistic methodology of education seeks to help kids to develop their skills and strengths. The holistic education approach is inclined towards play-based learning, children’s creativity and imagination. A boarding school environment is beneficial to holistic development as it roots children in a safe, familiar space that is conducive to their positive growth. The holistic environment of education helps students to discover themselves and their skills through various dimensions. It is to encourage them to complete their education with a multi-facet view of their strengths and interests.

SelaQui International School is a leading boarding school in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, that offers great facilities and infrastructure to the students for their holistic growth and upbringing. Our experienced teachers and staff prepare the students for the various global challenges in life. We are the top school in Dehradun with an affordable and reasonable fee structure for the parents.

The school has successfully helped the development of many children into well-rounded and successful professionals and beings. The holistic education here is built upon core values of learning, compassion, courage, service, excellence and respect. These values empower young minds to shape their life diligently, confidently and successfully. You can visit our website for more information about the school and our admission process.

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