Why Should Parents go For Boarding Schools than to Day School

Boarding schools are getting huge traction these days from parents, students and other stakeholders who are in the field of education and teaching. Viewing the fierce competition in the life it’s important for students and knowledge seekers to prepare a final plan for their career and that starts at the early age itself. And this is the stage where the need of an efficient and equipped boarding school comes-in. There are many other options available with the parents that they can avail however, boarding schools are something that is picking the attention of people and other stakeholders. With this article our main aim is to come-up with a comprehensive and detailed article that will shed some light on how boarding schools are important for parents and why should they go for it rather than day school.

They Learn How to Be Self-Dependent:  Becoming self-dependent is something that every parents look for after having attained a certain level of maturity by students and pupils. While in day school students invest most of their time in the comfort zone shielded by their parents and relatives staying in boarding school expose them in an environment where they are their own decision makers. Earlier it doesn’t sounds well for parents who love them from the core of their heart but at the same time they should realize that there is lot of challenges that these students and pupils need to face in their upcoming life. It is the boarding school that helps them get equipped with armor to face the battle of life.

Boarding Schools Deliver The Academic Promise – It’s no surprise that more than 60% of students enroll in boarding schools because of the promise of better education. More than 90% of boarding school students find their schools academically challenging, and the figures back it up: boarding school students spend more than twice as many hours (17 to 8) a week on homework than their peers in public schools.

 True & Proper Assessment of children: Mere imparting knowledge and training is not enough rather proper assessment of students and children equally holds importance and adequate attention has to be put-in. All boarding schools have an efficient and capable assessment team that assess students and act accordingly. Since they remain round the clock with students it becomes pretty simple for them to analyze and assess them in a holistic, comprehensive and accurate manner. In casual day school authorities spent merely 8 hours a day and they also don’t have the data about the actual behavior of the student which hamper their true assessment capability. Boarding schools also give teachers and authorities enough time and resource to concentrate on a particular child without distracting their attention and that too with accuracy.

 Equipping students to Lead: One of the most distinctive features of boarding school compared to regular school is its basic nature and functioning. While usual schools create an ecosystem that is governed by authorities and there is not much scope for students to play an important role, a boarding school offer an opportunity where they can lead and pull their shocks as an efficient manager. According to research from various sources more than 70% of students say that a boarding school offer a leadership opportunity for them and it builds confidence in them.

 Students are taught to Stay Ahead:

When talking about life after college boarding school graduates are more often professionally accomplished and philanthropically active adults. By mid-career, more boarding school graduates achieve top management positions than their peers. More impressively, 60% of alumni give to social service organizations, compared with a few of graduates of other schools.

 Natural and Social Bonding with Students:  Everybody acknowledges that boarding school environments sense of balance of greater mentor guidance and greater personal responsibility. The ecosystem of a boarding school also supplies graduates to university with an unequaled level of preparation. Eighty seven percent of graduates agree, while nearly 80% added that they were equally prepared for the non-academic aspects of college life, including increased independence, social life, and time management.

All we can say that if a parent is looking for holistic and comprehensive development of her children then boarding school in India is one of the options that they should go for as they can rest peacefully that their loved ones are in true hands.

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