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Fee Structure for Session 2024-25

About SelaQui
Fee Head Students from India, Nepal and Bhutan
INR ( ₹ )
US Dollar ($)
Processing Fee* - 1,800*
Registration fee*** 12,000 450
Admission Fee (One Time)*** 1,20,000 3,200
Refundable Security Deposit 80,000 1,500
Annual Fee (V to VII)** 6,40,000 11,000
Annual Fee (VII to VIII)** 7,00,000 12,000
Annual Fee (IX to XII)** 7,50,000 13,000
Imprest Account 70,000 1,750
* Processing fee applicable to students from foreign passports. (Non refundable amount)
** The fee includes boarding, lodging, laundry, routine on-site medical attention, free email and web access.
*** Non refundable amount.

A one-time, Non-refundable fee, becomes payable on acceptance of the admission.

Tuition Fees: May be revised every year. Tuition fee is payable in two half yearly installments. It covers the annual tuition, extra coaching, boarding & lodging, but does not include special preparation for competitive entrance examinations, examination fee payable to the examining boards like Central board of secondary education or any other special purpose fee. Such fees/charges/expenses shall be debited to the Imprest money account as per the actual expenses. Special Sports and activities, like shooting, river rafting, photography, excursions, camps, travel or other expenses shall also be charged to the imprest money as per actual expenses.

Imprest Money: shall be paid at the time of admission and shall be maintained at all times to cater for provision of school uniforms, stationery, special sports, camps, excursions, special services provided by the school, end of the term pick-ups or drops at major cities, or any such activity not covered under the annual tuition fee. The school will furnish a six monthly expenses statement and expenses incurred during the elapsed term shall be made up so as to maintain the imprest money.


All fees and charges are to be paid Online through HDFC Smart Hub.The Details are given on website or through 'Demand Draft' in favor of ' SelaQui International School' payable at Dehradun.

  • Items Supplied by the School at cost are adjusted against Imprest Account.
  • Fee for the coming academic year becomes payable on 01 Feb every year and may be paid by 28 Feb.
  • However, the School accepts payment of fee in two equal halves, i.e. as on 01 Feb for the 1st term and as on 01 Aug, payable by 31 Aug, for the 2nd term.
  • Penalty, as given below, is levied if fees are not paid in time.
  • If the fees or Imprest are not paid in accordance with the stipulated date, a fine of 1000/- per day will be imposed.
  • Any delay beyond 3 months may lead to the name of student being struck off the school rolls. If a Parent wishes the ward to continue, it shall be treated as a fresh admission.
  • It is Mandatory for Parent/Ward to clear the Imprest bill every three months and maintain their balance at 70,000/-

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