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Cambridge CAIE Schools in Dehradun

The Cambridge Pathway program at SIS gives students a clear path for educational success and helps them develop the skills they need to achieve at school, university, and work. The educators at SelaQui transact a curriculum that hinges on enabling a self-regulated and confident learner, one of the core tenets of a Cambridge education. The entire process of guided inquiry which our learners and educators are already at the forefront of over the past two years will lead to a seamless entry into the CAIE aegis.

Coupled with the transactional dynamism evident in our educators and learners, the adoption of a blended learning model will allow for the expedited integration by the learners.

Our educators are trained in the relevant Cambridge courses to enable the implementation of the Lower Secondary and IGCSE Curricula. A microcosm of the global diaspora is evident in our educators as well with experience and education cutting across continents in the Americas and Europe apart from elite institutions like IITs, St. Stephen’s, Delhi University, Aligarh Muslim University, among others.

SelaQui offers Cambridge Lower Secondary (11 to 14 years old)

The Cambridge Lower Secondary develops skills in 10 subjects including English, Mathematics and Science. The curriculum sets clear learning objectives and focuses on developing knowledge and skills in all subjects, giving children an excellent foundation for the next stage of education.

It is a broad and balanced curriculum :

  • 10 subjects (including English, Mathematics and Science)
  • Classroom and external assessments
Cambridge Lower Secondary

SelaQui offers Cambridge IGCSE

The Cambridge IGCSE program helps students develop deep subject knowledge and skills for the future. Students can choose from 70 subjects in any combination, including 30 languages.


The assessment takes place at the end of the course. Cambridge IGCSE is graded A* – G. The A* – G grading system is widely recognised by universities internationally and includes written, oral, coursework and practical options, giving students an opportunity to demonstrate their learning, especially if English is not their first language.

The IGCSE subjects offered at SelaQui in Grade 9 are :

English Language & Literature

  • English – First Language English – Second Language


  • Mathematics


  • French
  • Hindi
  • Spanish

Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Geography
  • History


  • Coordinated Sciences