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Chairman's Message

Mr. Om Pathak

Dear friend,

SelaQui, a leading International School at Dehradun, offers high quality academics and competitive excellence in sports, in addition to holistic development. Crafting outstanding humans; winners in academics, sports or both.

Consequent upon changes in ITT JEE, effective 2013, the focus is back on the school, away from the standalone coaching & test-prep centers. Being one of the most reputed and established boarding school in India.
For Students of Commerce or Humanities also, SelaQui offers GURUKUL - CCE, A TEST prep program for admission to eminent institutes offering undergraduate programs in law, accountancy and management. It also offer high quality pastoral life, where students groom and develop; spiritually, intellectually, academically and physically.

Excellence and career in Sports like Cricket, Football and Tennis, is yet another opportunity for the gen-next. Families and students wishing to pursue a career in sports without effecting academics can now joing the ARJUNA program at SelaQui that prepares them for participation in national and international arena in Cricket, Football or Tennis.

This website will give you insight as to how do we wish to achieve it all, together with you; for you ward.

Om Pathak