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Approach to Learning

Residential School India
Residential School India


The role of education doesn’t end with the achievement of marks at the end of a test. We believe in design a form of education that fosters metacognition. Students should be able to reflect back and take it forward as they identify and act on their individual learning goals. The best way to start this development of self-regulated learners begins with a reflective dialog between teacher and students. SelaQui stands for enabling all such opportunities for personal growth and drawing out a plan to fulfil individualised learning goals. We offer learners an unprecedented amount of responsibility and control and choice as to how to go about accomplishing their learning goals.


Not just in the transaction, but also through inquiry and assessment followed by reflection, and reporting, students drive their own learning. This is a rewarding and enriching experience for all learners. It is also an opportunity when they take their parents and other stakeholders through their learning journey. A highlight reel that celebrates every learner’s uniqueness.


Learning for the mastery of subject-specific knowledge and competencies and skills is essential. Yet, that is only part of the learning experience that a student should aspire for. The educational design at SelaQui is distinct and without equal in that respect. We believe for a complete education, it is imperative to deepen and create enduring foundations of attitudes, dispositions, beliefs and values. The focus on the domains of ICT, Citizenship Studies, Art & Music and Clubs & Societies will facilitate the developments of traits and values and skills which will make students a success in the 21st century. The students will progress along the continuum of the learning journey and the expected outcomes are measured in terms of knowledge, skills, competencies and values which he or she should exhibit once they complete formal schooling and are ready to take on the world. All along this journey, SelaQui will stand by and guide every student who pass though our doors.

Residential School India

Laying a strong foundation

Coupled with a strong foundation of social and moral values, the students at SelaQui also develop a respect for the rich heritage of the past while mastering the complexities of modernity.