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Outreach Programme

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Aim and Mission

Character development in its broader sense is also about developing the spirit of giving back to the community that one is a part of. To inculcate this sense of greater good and sense of belonging, every SeQuin is involved in the Values-in-Action Programme that will see them living out the values of respect, care and empathy, and contributing in various ways to the community at large. According to the school policy, every child and staff member will devote at least 20 hours of selfless service in a year working with their immediate community on health, hygiene, cleanliness, education and rural development. Besides this every member will work for at least four days in a year in the villages adopted by us. The Community Outreach Program gives students the opportunity to get involved in community service on a regular basis and like most community outreach projects, it requires a long-term commitment on behalf of everyone involved.

Outreach Programmes:

  1. It involves working with the immediate community in the field of education, health and cleanliness. The children work in schools adopted by us to provide sporting, infrastructure and skill development and are involved in language and math classes. The School doctor and students also provide health and hygiene tips and aids to them.
  2. The School also works with an orphanage and an old age home in SelaQui to sensitize students and inculcate respect, empathy and care among them.
  3. The Rural programme encourages SeQuins to work for at least four days in a year in a village about 20 Kms from the school on water harvesting, bio diversity and agriculture with the local population. This helps students in understanding the concepts that they are taught in class better and associating the same with real life experience. Students also work on projects of building small infrastructure for local population.