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PRITHVI HOUSE - “This above all, to thine own self be true.”

About SelaQui

Being true to ourselves means that we do what matters most to us, regardless of what other things are vying for our attention. Deeds and achievements are the only yardsticks that can be used to measure integrity, and are the only evidence we can find to judge whether we have been true to ourselves.

In Prithvi House, we believe in putting the law of momentum into action. When we take action towards that which we desire most, our self-confidence soars. We, in Prithvi House, go by the adage that distractions shift one off-course; actions accelerate us along our chosen course. Every positive action strengthens us to take another step into the future. Our motto is to aim higher and exceed all expectations. The appointees are Captain Shreyansh Sharma and Vice Captian Anshul Navik.

We would like to work on those areas where we were found lacking in the past. We hope that with the efforts of each and every member of our House, we will succeed in remaining the "Best House" in the School.

Mr Ashford Lyonette

Ashford Lyonette

Prithvi House Logo

Prithvi House Logo

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Mr Ashford Lyonette

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