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Board of Governors

Board of Director

Governors The Gurukul Trust, the promoter of SelaQui is a 'Not for Profit' NGO/Trust committed to promote quality & value based schools & institutions that provide sound physical & intellectual infrastructure, an engaging curriculum, a vigorous outdoor life, a motivated and skilled faculty, and a non-threatening, learning for all environment.

A Board of Governors nominated by the Trust manages the school, the Governors being eminent people with outstanding track records.

  • Mr. Om Pathak

    Om Pathak

  • Anshul Pathak

    Anshul Pathak

  • M M Pant

    M M Pant

  • Niharika Pathak

    Niharika Pathak

  • R S Suri

    R S Suri

  • Dilip Cherian

    Dilip Cherian

  • Saurabh Srivastava

    Saurabh Srivastava

  • Major General Basant Singh (YSM, AVSM)

    Basant Singh

  • Rashid Sharfuddin (Secretary)

    Rashid Sharfuddin

  • Ashwini Mehra

    Ashwini Mehra