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Sports Overview

Boarding School India

Sports at SelaQui is not just an arena for competition. It plays a much larger role of developing team spirit and sportsmanship while exploring and augmenting each child’s hidden talent, Specialization in a particular sport is highly encouraged. Sequins aim at specializing in at least two sports before they graduate.

Competitive sports

Competitive sports and physical education are important aspects of life at SelaQui. The school focuses on developing both physical fitness as well as skills in various sports. Sport is the lone activity which allows one to learn things outside classrooms and attributes like discipline, tolerance, humility and leadership that can only be picked up in the sports field.

To promote skills at games, each student is motivated to develop individual proficiency in at least one sport - athletics, table-tennis, lawn tennis, swimming, shooting, badminton- and be a part of one team game like football, basketball or cricket.

The school boasts of a 400m running track, five International Level Tennis Courts, two Basketball Courts, two Football Fields, a Cricket Oval, a Hockey Field, a full size Swimming Pool, a shooting Range,four Table Tennis tables, two Badminton Courts, an area for Yoga exercises , a multi-station gym and specified areas for indoor sports. Adventure sports like River Rafting, Trekking and Mountaineering are also part of the sports curriculum. Students are taken to the these sites during field trips.