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I once thought that teaching was always professional. But at SelaQui, I learned that teaching can also be for the love of teaching. I met many wonderful people in SelaQui. Teachers are always there when you need them be it for any reason. It has given me friends I can always rely on. The best thing about SelaQui was that the school gave me a tremendous amount of freedom to pursue knowledge and experiences far beyond that of a typical school, and challenged me to explore my interest in great depth. It has given me platforms for personal improvement and the freedom to excel in one’s own talents. The infrastructure was far beyond imaginable by any ordinary school. It has been a wonderful experience here.

MUSKAL RIJAL – Mahatma Gandhi Institute of medical sciences (MGIMS), Wardha, Maharashtra



There are only few schools that offer this high a platform of invention and innovation. SelaQui is one of those. Joining SelaQui has been a turning point of my life. SelaQui not only teaches you subjects but also provides a slice of life. It teaches one to introspect and learn from one’s experiences. SelaQui teaches one to stand out among others and to think outside the box. One of the best things about SelaQui is that it gave me the freedom to explore the extent of my limits and to surpass it, which was only possible due to all the teachers’ efforts and perseverance. It provides one with leadership experience. SelaQui emphasis on creating the creamy layer of tomorrow. It has provided a platform for me, where I can build a strong base for my achievements. The zeal of learning and the joy of the environment is what one gets to experience in SelaQui. One shall say,”I have graduated from SelaQui not literate, but educated.”

Thanks for the wonderful effort SelaQui. Bon Voyage!!

MOHAMMAD AMIR FAISAL – Andaman and Nicobar Island institute of Medical sciences(ANIIMS), Port Blair



Thinking of the time spent at SIS, I realize how it has changed me to become a better version of myself. It has prepared me to face the challenges that the bigger school called ‘the world’ offers once we are out of the smaller one. It was great opportunity studying here. I met many different people each of whom helped me in their own ways. My teachers have never failed once to encourage and support me. Adding to it, the lush green environment has always bestowed it’s positivity upon me. SelaQui has lots of knowledge and experience to offer if one get it correct. I took the best out of it and it helped me reach here today.

Thanks for your effort SelaQui!!

MEGHNA BORDOLOI – Shri Ramachandra medical college, Chennai