7 Parenting Tips to Guide Children During COVID19

The global pandemic has turned the lives upside down for almost everyone. Apart from maintaining social distancing and hygiene norms by WHO, there are many things that are becoming the new normal. Out of the many, the most spoken about is, remote teaching of children at home.
Some of the strategies adopted by SelaQui International School, the best residential school in Dehradun, are to find a balance between distance learning and dealing with the situation in a positive manner. As the situation continues, it is the onus of parents, along with the teachers, to keep everything on track in the weeks and months to come. Here is the advice from one of the best schools in India for all the parents, as to how to guide children to sail through these testing times.

  • Plan a Routine: As everyone is home and managing things, maintaining a routine is difficult. SelaQui International School, the best boarding school in Dehradun, suggests establishing a schedule that aims to impart education through different mediums apart from textbooks. Using everyday activities as a part of learning promotes a sense of encouragement and curiosity in children. Keeping a routine will give them a sense of belief of everything near to normal. It will also state to your child that because they are home does not mean that they don’t have work to do.
  • Make Space for Learning: Make a designated area for their online classes. As the best residential school in Dehradun, SelaQui International School emphasises on the need of a designated area which is quiet, comfortable and away from distractions. The goal is to encourage learning by empowering the students and motivate the inquisitiveness to lead them to places.
  • Communicate and Spend More Time with Them: SelaQui being one of the best schools in India, has always realised and pressurised on raising-up mentally strong generation. During the lockdown phase, we suggest parents to communicate and spend quality time with their kids to know their issues and difficulties in dealing with this. They have not met their teachers, friends, peers etc. for a long time now and are coping up with the new challenges every day. The vulnerable minds need utmost care and attention in these crucial times.
  • Keep a tab on their internet activities: As with the online classes, children are more exposed to the online world as compared to before. Therefore, it has become all the more imperative to gauge their internet activities but with open perspectives.
  • Help Them in Understanding the Concepts: One of the crucial remote learning tips for the parents is to make the child understand the subjects and lesson in an interesting manner. With limited time with the teachers and attending the concepts on their own, the children are faltering more. Therefore, parents have to encourage them and try new ways to make them understand the concepts.
  • Include Their Breaks with Fun Elements: During these COVID19 times, fun activities are necessary to keep up the spirits of the children. Putting pressure on them for their future and studies will hamper the overall development of the child. SelaQui recommends to use it an opportunity to bond and connect. Organise board games, no gas cooking, gardening etc. to make them learn important life skills in a fun manner.
  • Engaging Children in Co-curricular Activities: In the new normal, outing and playing has become a strict no. Therefore, the need of the hour is to engage them in co-curricular activities which are educative as well as communicative.

Indeed, these are difficult times, but SelaQui International School, well known as one of the India’s top boarding school, understand the plight and garners a supportive hand to all the parents, who are trying their level best to build a secure future of their children in these tough times. We have been a great source of inspiration and cheerer to our students, who are trying their level best to adapt the new ways of teaching and learning.

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